Koa Capital Partners’ portfolio company Accel Event Rentals offers to donate state's largest tent in help to fight virus

(Honolulu, HI) Accel Event Rentals, the state's largest event rental business in Hawaii has been discussing the possibly, should it be needed, of erecting the football field size tent to act as a makeshift field hospital.

Bought only last year, the Losberger P2 Tent can cover close to 25,000 square feet under roof, roughly an entire city block, and can hold upwards of 1,000 hospital beds should they be needed.

"We got the idea from Seattle that has already done what we envisioned with the same style tent. Working with both the Lt. Governor's office and senior medical officials, we are on standby to erect the tent to virtually any size at no cost to the state." said Dustin Sellers, Koa Capital Managing Partner.

Seattle Story:


The tent, a state-of-the-art structure was handmade in Germany and can be erected in less than 24 hours. With the number of open spaces near or adjacent to a number of the state's largest medical facilities it could be a good overflow option.

About Koa Capital Partners

Koa Capital Partners, formed in 2014, is managed by Dustin Sellers and Chris Eldridge. Both tenured, highly successful kama'aina entrepreneurs in their own-right, their vision for Koa is to preserve and enhance the small-to-medium business community in Hawai'i. Through an on-island investment focus, Koa revitalizes local companies with growth and human capital and savvy business strategy.

To date, the firm's portfolio of deals has included data center and storage, event management and rentals, linen & decor supply, restoration & remediation services, human resource services and residential emergency plumbing services.

The Tent Erected Near The Mighty Mo at Pearl Harbor