Founded and run by two of Hawaii’s most successful entrepreneurs, Chris Eldridge and Dustin Sellers, Koa seeks to preserve, enhance and grow local businesses that can both compete and beat out mainland competitors, while provide a proving ground for the next generation of Hawaii business leaders. 
The individuals who run our portfolio companies are either an industry standout, a returning Kama’aina looking for a foothold into the business community or an island entrepreneur ready to go to the next level of business management. The majority of our investment dollars come from Kama’aina investors who themselves have run, or continue to run, thriving businesses here in our islands.



Our investments revolve around these value-enhancing tenets:

Often a business owner has reached a point in their lives where they are contemplating their legacy and future fate of their business that they have created and run for many decades. They consider an ESOP, maybe selling to family members or their management team but often there is no clear, concrete pathway to a sale of the business that preserves and grows what they have spent so long to build. 
Koa Capital provides the local solution by combining quality local capital with exceptional local management to allow a business owner peace-of-mind that when they sell to Koa their legacy will be preserved and grow in stature.

Many small, scrappy entrepreneurs have scratched their way into the mix with little more than a few dollars and their sheer will and tenacity. Koa Capital gives these future local business leaders the opportunity to rapidly expand their businesses by offering fresh capital to invest in things that they needed but presently cannot afford. New trucks, warehouse expansion, hiring of a CFO, purchasing a competitor, to name a few; Koa Capital becomes the investment partner the local entrepreneur always dreamed of having.

For the small to medium size business owner, attracting A-level talent to their organization is all but impossible in this thriving economic market. Despite being a leader in their market niche, they are no match in recruiting to the larger more established local brands. Koa Capital, with a track record of success in the local business market, brings with its investment dollars a cadre of qualified individuals looking to be part of a Koa Capital portfolio company.



Our goal with each investment is to help management grow revenue and earnings

Koa invests in businesses with profitability greater than 10% over a 3-year period with revenues greater than $5M; the business does not need to be growing

We predominantly focus on B2B businesses that may or may not have a consumer direct revenue stream

Koa invests in businesses that already have a strong business culture, defined as caring about both their employees and their customer in equal parts


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