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Team Clean, celebrating 30+ years of designing, implementing and managing successful cleaning operations for our local hospitality, restaurant, retail and commercial business communities on O’ahu, Hawai’i, and Maui. 

"Koa Capital has allowed us to expand our operations, providing strategic advice and support while letting us continue to be who we are.”

- David Debelbot, Vice President Operations
& Clinical Clean Technical Advisor

For over 45 years People Who Clean (PWC) has valued its customers’ well-being. It’s their priority to meet local health codes as they clean and sanitize each building or home they are called upon to service. Their dedicated staff take pride in their work, ensuring their customers’ property is thoroughly cleaned and spotless. No matter the cleaning needs, PWC gets the job done with quality service and a friendly attitude. 

"I chose to partner with Koa because I know they are kama’aina, focused on our local markets and care about my employees.”

- Ron Gess, President


"Koa Capital is the leadership and guidance we required to grow and strengthen our business.  Koa has a unique style of developing sound leaders. 

Their local Kama’aina roots and support of our
community is first in class."
- Harolyn Shimabukuro-Miyashiro,
Vice President of Operations

"Chris Eldridge and Dustin Sellers have given me the opportunity to become the leader that I have always known I could be. Their continual managerial guidance and support is unique and valuable in the investment world."
- Marci LaRouech, President


Steve’s Plumbing set out with a mission to bring world-class plumbing solutions to Hawaii by providing honest work at fair prices, and being there for customers when needed the most. Today, those philosophies still guide the company, and we're extremely proud to have grown into one of the local leaders in the industry. Koa Capitals' business process and procedures align with the company's core values and have created a fabulous partnership and support team.

- Steve Huffman, Founder and CEO

"Koa Capital has been the partner we needed to take to our business to the next level. They have trusted my leadership, provided us the capital we needed to grow our inventory and service levels and focused us on the right things to be #1 in our industry."
- Gabrielle Richter, President

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