A boutique, high-touch event rental company, Koa purchased IER in '18 and incorporated tier services and staff into Accel Event Rentals

A leader in high-end linens, florals and decor, Koa purchased LS in '16 and incorporated their services into Accel Event Rentals

A leading solution for mold remediation, Koa built GHS into a strong mold specialist and has since folded the service line into Premier Restoration Hawaii.

Operated by Melissa Blake, Koa had the opportunity to partner with Mrs. Blake over a 4 year period, bringing her event management services to a larger audience in Hawaii. She is now considered the leading event planning company in the state.

One of Hawaii's leading water mitigation specialists, Koa purchased CCH in '17 and incorporated their services into Premier Restoration Hawaii.

DRFortress the largest and only carrier-neutral datacenter and cloud services provider operating in Hawaii. Koa partnered with DRF in '15, helping them consolidate their capital structure and prepare for greater growth in the islands.


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